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How we work

  • Treat each individual with courtesy and fairness
  • Make each customer's needs a priority
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Always go the extra mile
  • Meet your deadlines
  • Offer specials and discounts
  • Extend incentives to new customers and start-ups
  • Work nights and weekends
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From the owner-

I strive to be as cutting edge as possible and am constantly learning. By taking classes, workshops, and reading about new techniques, I stay on top of the latest advancements in the industry. While this field seems to be dominated by men, I feel that adding a "woman's touch" to your project is a big positive- giving it just the right "something" to make it spectacular.

My goal is to make your shop, our neighborhood and this city a prettier place with professional signage.

Our customers are loyal, with many of them using Vinyl Images since it opened its doors in 1995 and I think that says a lot about the quality of our products and how they are treated.

- Elizabeth (Liz) Santora

About Vinyl Images & Elizabeth (Liz) Santora

Located in Whitestone, NY Vinyl Images is a family owned and woman-operated sign business dedicated to giving personalized service to each and every customer since 1995.

Vinyl Images company history:

Liz SantoraElizabeth Santora started Vinyl Images in 1995 by combining her knowledge in computer graphics and creativity. Armed with a Associates in Computer Science and background in Art and Commercial Design Liz was ready to take on competitors.

Making signs by using computer technology was fairly new territory. To her advantage most commercial signs were still being hand painted. With her knowledge and determination others around her were quickly inspired.

At Vinyl Images Liz and her team practice a simple tactic; treat customers like family and go above and beyond. They will spend the time needed to create something extraordinary rather than the usual.About Vinyl Images

Clients are thrilled with final products and have treasure the services from Vinyl Images. At the end of the day success and satisfaction has been an ongoing reward for Liz.

As one of her customers put it, "nobody does what you do".